Introducing Revealbot Community

Introducing Revealbot Community

Here in Revealbot, we are all about helping marketing professionals and supporting them every step of the way to higher ROAS. We have even started a Facebook group you should join. Here’s why:

The only way to improve your work results is to learn something new every day. That’s why we have a Facebook group called Ads Automation Community. By entering it you will join 1,4K marketing professionals to teach you and learn from you. And to inspire each other.

Why did we start it?

We’ve started the Ads Automation Community for the same reason we’ve started Revealbot itself – because of our passion for ads automation and our need to show its successful use to our fellow industry friends.

Who is it for?

In our community, the marketing professionals can ask for a bit of advice, some practical tips, or help with a specific issue. But the best part of being a member is that you can find out all about the successful practices and those small tweaks making all the difference in your CPAs.

What will you find there?

Besides providing a ground for an exchange of ideas and useful information, we also post our product updates, offers, and upcoming events you wouldn’t want to miss. Such as our webinar on scaling Facebook Ads to $12 million/month with Revealbot we’ve had this April.

Join the Revealbot community on Facebook

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