Facebook scaling strategies

Facebook scaling strategies

Ever wondered how you can scale your ads to bring millions in revenue? Here we have some successful strategies in the post-iOS14 world our user has implemented to scale his ads to 12 million per month.

We've recently had a webinar where our user Emanuele Maragno was sharing the winning strategies he implemented with the help of Revealbot. When ads were crashing and burning because of iOS14, he was able not only to recover but to grow.

The drop in ads' performance was an instant and inevitable effect of iOS14. It became much harder to find winning scalable ads, and the tracking discrepancies were 40% to 60%. Not to mention the attribution being delayed for up to 72 hours. What a mess that was...

In an attempt to fight the consequences of the blast, many have put faith in automation and were not happy with the results. In this webinar, Emanuele talks about the range of things done wrong when automating and explains how to avoid the most common and costly mistakes.    

If you want to find out all about the most successful practices and be warned of the biggest issues, watch the full video.

The recording of our webinar on scaling after iOS14

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