When it comes to using some third-party services that provide an enhancement for the original tool, you’ll always want to compare their capabilities. Otherwise, why pay additional service fees and get a subscription?
Here at Reveal, we’ve done it for you. Want to know what’s the difference between Facebook’s automated rules and Reveal rules? See our outline below.

First, what is Facebook automated rules?

By applying automated rules, you can set various metrics and conditions that help you auto-manage your ad’s performance. They can start, pause, set/increase/decrease budget and bid actions. Automation saves time usually spent on manual research, analysis, and performance of these actions in order to keep your ads performing at best.

Who is it for?

Either you’re a small business running a local campaign or a digital marketing agency with thousands of customers and intense engagement with Facebook Ads, you’ll find these things very helpful:

  • Automation makes no mistakes
    We are here to reduce the human factor. Even the best of us are sometimes tired, unconcentrated or not feeling well. Our algorithm doesn’t rest and keeps things going for you, day and night.
  • It saves time
    Instead of initiating each action with an ad yourself, you can set the rule to achieve that for you. By reducing manual work, marketing teams get extra hours to focus on new engaging content.

Now getting to the point — why Reveal?

Apply rule to

Facebook allows you to apply the new rule to all active campaigns, all active ad sets or all active ads.


In addition to that, Reveal provides an advantage of selecting a specific campaign, ad set or ad by filter:


As well as choosing specific items by name and status:



Facebook rules are able to turn your ad sets on and off, send notifications, adjust budget and adjust manual bid.


Reveal rules can accomplish all of the above and, moreover, they are capable of setting the bid and specific budget at any time as well as duplicating the ad set:


Next, let’s move on to conditions

That part of the Reveal rules is especially exciting. Let’s see why!
Most of the metrics are basically the same: Spent, Lifetime Spent, Frequency, Results, CPR, Mobile app install, Cost per mobile app install, Estimated budget spending %, Audience reached %, Settings metrics, Time, Website conversions (Facebook pixel), mobile app event, Cost per mobile app event, Offline conversions, and other.

The thing that sets Reveal apart here is the ability to use your custom conversions in the rules. Is your company running webinars? Ensure your ads are prepared:


The AND/OR and Nested conditions allow you to further impact any changes in your ad performance. With this combination, you’re able to refine the rules, fit complex conditions into one task and increase its’ flexibility:


Now let’s take a look at the Time Range

Facebook options here seem to include everything, but don’t get fooled: Reveal’s got something special. You can set your timing for each hour from the current one to the last 24 hours, including option like the Previous hour and Hour before previous hour. So if you’re watching your ads’ performance closely, here’s the foremost time range to use:


Same goes for Schedule

If accuracy in the time of ads schedule is your goal, the check by minutes will come in handy:


There’s also an option of custom schedule in both Facebook and Reveal. The difference Reveal makes is that you can choose the exact hour or any time period throughout the day. Here’s how it looks like:





As you can tell, automation could also be done on different levels. Reveal isn’t aiming at replacing Facebook’s auto rules, but enhancing them, enabling marketers to optimize and advance their strategies.

A couple of special treats:

Notifications to Slack

Revealbot can be set up to send all updates to your team’s Slack channel. It delivers all your ads and marketing performance stats and pings you when something requires attention.


Explicit logs

Reveal offers detailed logs where you can see what happened to each rule check. It’s a helpful insight that allows you to get to the bottom of rules performance, understand the automation algorithm and its’ relationship with the metrics of your choice.


Anything else?

To this day, there have been quite a few services that perform automation and optimization of Facebook ads. As our clients say: «Reveal gives the best value for money.» Along with automated rules, we have also developed auto post boosting, which runs post promotions based on the chosen parameters. Read more about auto post boosting in our in-depth guide.

Right now we’re working on another significant feature that will be announced in just a few weeks. Stay tuned! 🔜