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Top 9 Facebook Ads Specialists to Hire Today

Top 9 Facebook Ads Specialists to Hire Today

Tired of feeling overwhelmed with all the ins and outs of running Facebook ads? We've done the research for you and compiled a list of 9 Facebook ads specialists with a proven track record of impressive results that you can hire today to take your ads to the next level.

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May 12, 2023

Are you struggling to create Facebook ads that drive real results? It might be time to call in the Facebook ads experts.

With so many Facebook ads specialists out there, it can be hard to know who to trust with your ad spend. That's why we've rounded up 9 of the top Facebook ads specialists to hire today. From targeting to ad creatives, these experts have the knowledge and experience to meet your goals and take your ads to the next level.

Not sure if hiring a Facebook ads specialist is right for you?

Read our Facebook ads consulting guide to understand how Facebook ads consulting can help your business, and the steps to hire the right one to meet your goals.

Let's dive in and find the perfect Facebook ads specialist for your business.

9 Facebook Ads specialists to hire today

9 Facebook Ads specialists to hire today

  1. Emanuele Maragno - Ecom House

  2. Kevin Urrutia - Voy Media

  3. Alessandro Gargiulo - Gargiulo

  4. Marco Battaglia - Eighteen79

  5. Artem Smirnov - AdQuantum

  6. Depesh Mandalia - SM Commerce

  7. Tim Burd - Adleaks

  8. Shahbaz Khokhar - Venture Beyond

  9. Rich Burns - ROAS Media

There are a lot of great Facebook Ads consultants out there. Here are our top 9 Facebook ads specialists with a proven track record of achieving growth for you to hire:

1. Emanuele Maragno - Ecom House

Emanuele Maragno is the owner of marketing agency Ecom House and one of the top Facebook ad specialists in the industry with over 7 years of experience. His advanced advertising strategies have made him a sought-after Facebook ads advisor for companies seeking guidance on global expansion and profitable business scaling through paid advertising.

He has helped his clients with a range of services including:

  • Generating leads and sales through social media platforms
  • Boosting acquisition growth and fast expansion
  • Maximizing the ROI and ROAS of their existing social campaigns
  • Structuring, expanding, and scaling the business internationally
  • Increasing customers retention, engagement, and lifetime value.

And achieved some amazing results:

  • Generated €200 million in revenue for over 50 international clients.
  • 539% increase in revenue generated for a client
  • 234% in total ad spend savings
  • 30% reduction in cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
Learn how Ecom House uses various Revealbot rules to save over 234% in total ad spend and reduce CPA by 30% while scaling accounts for clients globally.

Testimonial of Emanuele Maragno-Ecom House about Revealbot
Testimonial of Emanuele Maragno-Ecom House about Revealbot

Here’s what clients had to say about Emanuele and Ecom House:

“Emanuele has helped us quintuple the monthly ad spend and grow globally with our desired ROAS. The level of automation, cutting-edge advertising strategies, and scaling techniques that he deployed were a game changer for our international expansion.”
Christopher Polzar, CMO,

2. Kevin Urrutia - Voy Media

Kevin Urrutia is the Founder of Voy Media, a full-service agency specialized in crafting ads that catch your eye, crafting words that make you think, and developing marketing strategies that ensure your efforts aren't lost in the digital abyss.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company, a dog toy brand, or a dynamic little start-up, Voy Media is the team you want in your corner. They've helped businesses of all sizes increase their sales from six to seven to eight figures a month across Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Snapchat platforms.

Some amazing results Voy Media achieved:

  • $183M revenue generated
  • 527 clients have been managed in Revealbot
  • 92% of clients have doubled their revenue in their first year

With a proven track record of helping 90% of their clients double their revenue in the first year, it's no wonder Voy Media is the #1 profit-driven digital marketing agency in the world.

With Revealbot, Voy Media can take on more clients per account manager allowing the agency to scale faster! Read the case study here

Voy Media increased clients per account manager with Revealbot
Voy Media increased clients per account manager with Revealbot

"With Revealbot, we don't have to worry too much about looking at our accounts all the time. It alerts us when things start going bad. We'll get a Slack notification from Revealbot and then we'll know to look into why things aren't working."
Kevin Urrutia Co-Founder, Voy media

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3. Alessandro Gargiulo - Gargiulo

With years of experience under their belt, Alessandro Gargiulo is a Facebook ads specialist and founder of Gargiulo. With his team, he has helped countless SMEs and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. His work has been featured in a number of prestigious publications, including La Repubblica, Millionaire, Il Mattino, Fanpage, and Panorama.

His expertise in the field has also earned them recognition from industry giants like Shopify and Facebook, who have highlighted his work as a case study for success. In fact, in the last year alone, Alessandro has managed over €4 million in advertising budgets across a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google.

What sets him apart from the rest? For one, he’s abandoned the traditional agency model in favor of a more fluid and adaptable approach to working with clients. Rather than operating as a one-size-fits-all agency, he focus on providing personalized, high-quality consulting services to a select group of high-potential e-commerce clients with his Gargiulo team.

Alessandro Gargiulo uses Revealbot to save 6 hours a day managing ads so he can take on more clients:

Alessandro Gargiulo saves time managing ads with Revealbot
Alessandro Gargiulo saves time managing ads with Revealbot

"Every single thing I do manually can be automated, like testing creatives and creating variations for all the copy and ad creatives, or manual bidding campaigns during the day (and night). Before Revealbot, I had to work full time on all ad accounts I manage. With Revealbot, I only need 1 or 2 hours per day. I just need to work on strategy and creatives, because everything else is automated.”
Alessandro Gargiulo

4. Marco Battaglia - Eighteen79

Meet Marco Battaglia, a Facebook ads specialist with over 6 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing.

Marco’s experience taught him that having the best product in the world doesn't guarantee success if you can't market it to the right audience. He then began delving deeper into advertising and the concept of "giving the right message to the right person at the right time."

Today, Marco is a skilled digital marketer who manages over €500,000 of annual advertising budget on Facebook and Google Ads. He has worked in over 25 market niches, providing him with cross-functional expertise in digital analytics, content strategy, and marketing strategy. Here are some amazing results he helped clients achieve:

Marco Battaglia uses Revealbot to scale clients businesses
Marco Battaglia uses Revealbot to scale clients businesses

Here's what Marco can do for you:

  • Revise and Consult E-Commerce Strategy: Marco analyzes past campaigns and studies both qualitative and quantitative data based on each campaign's objectives, providing tips on how to optimize, track, and scale campaigns correctly.
  • Growth and Scaling Campaigns: Marco works with a limited number of e-commerce companies with budgets above €5000/month to scale them and achieve better ROAS.

“I have been working with Marco for a year now. In a sector as rapidly evolving as that of advertising, I was looking for someone much more competent than me and who was always in step with the times. Marco was just the figure I was looking for, serious, professional, punctual but above all competent and in step with the news.”
Federico Finotto CMO & Co-Founder, SurfWeek

5. Artem Smirnov - AdQuantum

Artem Smirnov is one of the top Facebook ads specialists in the game and a key player at AdQuantum, Artem and his team specialize in helping clients grow their mobile apps in a big way - all while minimizing those pesky risks.

With a whopping $5M+ monthly ad budget under their belt, AdQuantum knows a thing or two about running successful Facebook ad campaigns. But what sets them apart is their unique partnership-based approach, which helps mobile apps tap into new revenue streams and acquire more paying users like never before.

The switch to Revealbot has been a game-changer for the AdQuantum team, delivering amazing results. With all 30 of their media buyers now leveraging the platform, they've been able to significantly reduce the time spent on campaign optimization and management by a 30%!

AdQuantum Revealbot Testimonial

Thanks to Revealbot's automation features, the team can quickly create customized strategies for each new client with just a few clicks, using pre-designed automation templates that are automatically calibrated for individual needs.

Revealbot has also enabled AdQuantum to scale up marketing budgets for select clients by up to 5x, thanks to the platform's 24/7 automation and unparalleled efficiency.

AdQuantum reduced the time spent on campaign management by 30% with Revealbot
AdQuantum reduced the time spent on campaign management by 30% with Revealbot

6. Depesh Mandalia - SM Commerce

Depesh Mandalia is a Facebook ads guru, CEO of SM Commerce, and founder of The BPM Method. He has helped his clients generate well over $100M in online revenue through paid advertising.

Depesh is an expert in helping start-ups and fast-growing businesses build campaigns and funnels that really connect with their audience and lead to profitable growth, and with SM Commerce, he oversees $1-2M in ad spend per month. That's pretty impressive!

Together with the SM Commerce team, Depesh has achieved some amazing results for clients in the e-commerce sector, including:

  • $52M revenue generated in 2020
  • $2.7M managed per month in ad spend
  • 21X ROAS achieved with $340k Ecom ad spend

See for yourself what clients had to say about Depesh Mandalia and SM Commerce:

“SM Commerce really helped me understand the data, and how to go about structuring my Ad account properly, how to test properly, how to scale properly, and putting them into perspective. We 4X'd our revenue in Q4 last year. Our AOV went up 15%, we've done another 12% this year.”
Ghadeer, E-commerce store owner

7. Tim Burd - Adleaks

Meet Tim Burd, the co-founder of Agency Y and one of the world's top Facebook ads specialists. With over a decade of experience in advertising, Tim has built the largest Facebook ad-buying group in the world, providing advanced Facebook ad training to companies for free.

Tim has a wealth of knowledge to share. He has helped build and sell online businesses that generated $5-10 million a year within just 12 months of creation. But Tim doesn't just work with big businesses - he's passionate about helping companies of all sizes connect with customers through digital advertising, which has earned him a loyal following and widespread recognition, including features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bravo, and Fox News.

Tim and his team at Agency Y are revolutionizing modern advertising with their focus on customer service, transparency, and cutting-edge digital strategies.

Here’s what Tim’s clients had to say about him:

“Since joining Adleaks I've nearly doubled the ROAS for my clients, but the more important part, I've 50x my ad spend. Nearly one year in the group now. It's awesome. I've also learned new platforms beside facebook in the group that I can now leverage for clients and own projects. Definitely recommend it!”
Lars Speck

8. Shahbaz Khokhar - Venture Beyond

Shahbaz Khokhar is CEO of Venture Beyond, a full-service e-commerce growth agency with in-house creative and CRO teams. Their boutique business model focuses on scaling a small handful of brands from $1M to $25M+!

What sets Venture Beyond apart is their unwavering commitment to driving conversions. As a founder-led business, they are always laser-focused on finding innovative ways to boost their clients' bottom line. Here are some of the impressive results achieved by the Shahbaz and the Venture Beyond team:

  • $5M in revenue generated monthly for clients
  • 300+ ads tested per month

“We're now in our third month with Venture Beyond and very happy with their service. They go beyond social media advertising. They also advise you with improving website conversion and have a very good creative team.“
Basile Fattal Founder, TIMIO

9. Rich Burns - ROAS Media

Meet Rich Burns, founder of ROAS Media, a full-service agency that specializes in helping established brands rapidly scale.

With a team of in-house data analysts, ROAS Media is not your typical agency. They partner with some of Facebook's biggest disruptor brands to break into new markets and improve customer journeys, increasing return on ad spend and lifetime value.

ROAS Media manages an annual advertising budget of 10's of millions globally and has generated over $200M in trackable ad revenue, achieved 1560% scale in average daily spend, and 234% increase in revenue over 12 months.

Their winning business model attracts fitness celebrities, Shark Tank-backed start-ups, Fortune 500 brands, and some of the most exciting disruptors in the market. If you're looking for profitable returns at an unbelievably quick scale, ROAS Media is your go-to partner.

Can’t decide on a Facebook ads specialist?

Finding the right Facebook Ads specialist can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your advertising campaigns.

Whether you're looking for someone to help you optimize your targeting, create eye-catching ad creatives, or manage your entire ad account, the specialists we've highlighted in this post are sure to deliver.

And for those who are feeling overwhelmed by the selection process, don't worry - we’ll help match you with the right expert!

Or better yet, sign up to Revealbot to reap all the benefits Facebook ads have to offer! Book a demo call with one of our Facebook ads experts and they'll walk you through how to optimize your Facebook ads to reach your goals.

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