Hi everyone!

Here’s our traditional monthly changelog with the latest features and improvements that Revealbot dev team has brought to you during December 2018. They are: some improvements in Bulk Creation tool, new features in New Audience tool and more.

Post ID Export

We’ve already announced this new feature earlier, so I’ll just make a short introduction here. We now have Post ID Export integrated in the Bulk Creation tool, so you can keep your social proof and easily use your organic posts in the campaigns created with Bulk Creation tool.

Post ID Export

Read more on this feature in our blog.

Audience split in Bulk Creation

Meet a new option to create more ad set variations with a few clicks! With our Bulk Creation tool, you can now split an audience by interest, age, gender, location, and custom or look a like audiences if your selected audience is a sum of several audiences.

Split audience

In this example, I’ve created an audience of people in the US with two interests defined, and then have chosen to split it by age with a 5 years step, location, gender and interest, and received this estimate at the next step:

That’s 120 ad sets and I didn’t add any creatives yet! So when I do it, this number multiplies by the number of creatives.

Creating new audience: interest suggestions and interest size preview

We’ve added a couple of nice tweaks to the New Audience interface, let’s have a look!

Say, you want to reach out to people who are interested in luxury goods. First, you type in this interest in New Audience tool and select something from the list:

Interest targeting and audience size

By the way, here’s the first update: you’ll see an estimate of global audience size for the particular interest on the right while browsing through this list.

Next, after you’ve selected something, you can proceed to Suggestions tab, which is now full of relevant suggestions based on your previous selection:

Interest suggestions

Budget optimisation on campaign level in Bulk Creation

Another update in Bulk Creation: budget can now be allocated not only on ad set level, but on the whole campaign level. That’s pretty convenient if you want to set just the overall spend limit.

Campaign level budget

Post Boosting errors notifications

You can now select if you want to receive all updates about your auto boosted content or only errors. Just select this option at the bottom on the last step of auto boosting setup:

Post boosting errors

Can’t wait to see you try this and other new features and share your results with us!