Revealbot Bulk Creation: what’s new?

Revealbot Bulk Creation: what’s new?

Since September 2021, we’ve added several improvements to our Bulk creation tool to make the process of launching ads much smoother. Let’s go over the latest updates.

New Campaign Creation Structure

We’ve implemented a simplified structure for campaign creation. Now there are three tabs:

  1. Campaign;
  2. Ad sets;
  3. Ads.

You can define the settings for each level correspondingly — nothing gets mixed up! Select a campaign objective, campaign name, or enable a campaign budget, and define adset settings: budget, audience, optimization goal, schedule, and placements. Choose creatives for future ads and add macros.

Voila! The campaign is ready for the review.

If you want to read more about this update, check out this article in our Help Center.

Validation on Review Step

On the review step, you can now check the number and content of future ads. If some of the ads can't be validated by Facebook API due to incompatible settings, you will be able to adjust the settings or exclude the ads with errors from future campaigns. If the Facebook API throws an error, you can troubleshoot before the campaign is created.

Click on each Ad set to see the API error message for the ad inside it

Lead Generation Objective

Another feature our customers asked for is the ability to create Lead Generation campaigns. Now you can choose the Lead generation objective and select from saved leads in your Ads Manager in Facebook.

Mixed Creative sets: image + video

Advertisers often create campaigns that include both images and videos for better results. Previously you would need to create a separate set just for the images and then repeat the whole process for video creatives. Now you can put both videos and images in one creative set. Launching campaigns with different types of creatives became much easier.

Folders and Drag and Drop Bulk Upload in Media Library

Now, you can easily organize your creatives with folders in the media library — you can upload new images and videos all at once from your browser using drag and drop.

New “Existing posts” Selector with Previews and Metric Values

Apart from adding new creatives, you can choose existing posts published in your Facebook or Instagram page for a new ad campaign. We’ve added an ad posts list with previews that can be accessed by clicking on the “Select post” button. Choosing the right creative is now easier. We provide engagement metrics for each existing post and they can be filtered by their types: all available, ad post, scheduled, and published.

New Templates Workflow

Last but not least, we’ve added a new workflow for organizing campaign templates in Bulk Creation. Now there is no need to look through a long list of created campaigns and copy them.

You can save templates and reuse them several times — all template creation events are saved in their own history logs. Template creation history also shows on Live-view and Home pages, so you can easily track creation events. Find out more details in our Help Center.

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