Hey guys, we've decided to revive the series of monthly changelog posts so I'll share with you what we've been up to lately.

Post boosting

Our post boosting feature went through many changes since we launched it in December 2017. Couple of the most recent changes are customisable placement settings and tracking parameters:
So now you're able to define where exactly you want to place your ads when boosting a post as well as let Facebook decide that for you automatically. Also we added the options to enable Pixel tracking and embed a link in the ads to let you track the users that came to your website from post boosting campaigns. Give it a test!

Parent metrics

Early in the month we released new metrics selector:
So even if you've applied the rule on ad set level you still can set it to check campaign/account level metrics in conditions. This greatly widens the number of factors you can base your rules on.

Try parent metrics

Rules drafts

Moving on to drafts - small but useful improvement. If you're creating a new rule but you're not yet ready to set it live then just save it as a draft and edit it later.

Among other small changes and bug fixes we started to save sorting settings on the https://revealbot.com/automation page (should've done that long ago), so now when you open the page your rules should appear in the same order you left them last time. And one more thing which concerns people who use metrics like cost per engagement. Such metrics tend to be very small and may even be less than 1 thousandth of a dollar and in the logs such numbers get rounded down to 0. So to check on such metrics in the logs you can hover the mouse over a metric for a few seconds and the whole number without any rounding would appear:

One last thing that I'd like to share is about duplication rules:
As you can see on the screenshot above you can now make the rule affect each item only once in a lifetime, meaning if an item got duplicated once it would never be duplicated by this rule again.

Try duplication rule

At the moment we're working on a big new feature so stay tuned for the changelog next month. And if you got any feature requests please don't hesitate to share!