Announcing Revealbot for Snapchat Ads

Announcing Revealbot for Snapchat Ads

Today we're closing the beta to Revealbot for Snapchat Ads and opening it to the public! 🎉

With Revealbot for Snapchat Ads, you'll be able to create many of the same rules you're familiar with creating for Facebook Ads, such as pausing, starting, and adjusting budgets for campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

All the metrics you’re used to seeing in the Snapchat Ads Manager are available in the rule constructor, like swipe ups, eCPSU, purchases swipe up, etc.

Coupled with Revealbot’s flexible AND/OR logic rule constructor, you can automate the exact tasks you already use to manage Snapchat Ads manually.

With Revealbot for Snapchat Ads, we’re now helping digital media buyers improve their return on ad spend and save time on day-to-day account management across the largest digital ad networks - Facebook, Google, and Snapchat.

We're making the announcement to the world on Product Hunt and we'd love for you stop by, ask a question, and share it with your friends 😁

Support us out on Product Hunt

P.S. If you’re an existing Revealbot customer, there's no extra cost to use Revealbot for Snapchat Ads - new spend will simply apply to your total account spend when calculating your pricing plan.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

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