8 hacks to empower abandoned cart emails and increase conversions before Black Friday ends

8 hacks to empower abandoned cart emails and increase conversions before Black Friday ends

Brands and consumers alike anticipate Black Friday the way kids look forward to Christmas morning. As consumers wait for major deals and discounts on their most beloved items, brands prepare themselves for an influx of sales — and fickle shoppers. Because, here’s the deal. There’s something kind of sneaky about Black Friday…

While discounts and glam may entice even the most frugal shoppers, the rise in constant offers can lead consumers to abandon their carts before officially checking out. That’s why it’s essential to come up with a proactive plan to reduce abandoned checkouts before Black Friday comes. If you’ve been looking for ways to keep the sales rolling in during one of the busiest seasons of the year, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s article, we’ve got eight quick and easy hacks you can use to empower abandoned cart emails and increase conversions before Black Friday ends.

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1. Use an email marketing tool

The best way to empower abandoned cart emails and increase conversions is to get your hands on an email marketing tool (think Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign).

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Email marketing tools come with responsive email templates, list management features, and the ability to set up automated email sequences.

When you finalize the tool you’d like to use, be sure to create defined sequences for each audience segment you market to.

By sending personalized emails by audience segment, you can make sure your copy always has the right message and is tailored to the appropriate audience — an absolute must if you want readers to pay attention to what you have to say.

2. Offer a discount

55% of online shoppers abandon their cart because the cost was too high. Yikes! That’s a lot of missed opportunities.

To encourage your customers to follow through on their orders, consider offering a small discount in your abandoned cart emails.

You can also increase the discount as each day goes on.

Here’s an example:

  • One day after cart abandonment: Send a 5% discount code
  • Two days after cart abandonment: Offer a 10% discount code
  • Three days after cart abandonment: Offer a BOGO discount code

3. Use design to grab their attention

Use trending templates and graphics in your emails to grab the attention of your customers. When using graphics in your email templates, make sure to optimize the size to shorten email load times. Consider incorporating free vector graphics to create visually appealing emails.

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It’s also important to include your company logo in your abandoned cart email so that your customers can easily identify your company as soon as they open the email. This also helps boost brand awareness and assert familiarity with your audience.

But first, you need to make sure your logo is easy to remember and represents your brand the right way. If you aren’t sure about your current logo, skim through the following logo design ideas to see if you need to create a new one.

You can also use a background remover to make sure all of your email designs are congruent and consistent.

If you’d like your emails to look super custom, consider hiring a graphic design team to create your very own email marketing design templates.

4. Create branded Black Friday taglines

Black Friday emails leave a lot of room for creative copy, so feel free to test different elements using A/B tests.

Adding Black Friday specific taglines in your emails can also help you win more sales if you focus on a message that’s actionable, simple, and in line with your audience’s preferences.

Before Black Friday starts, consider planning potential taglines for your emails with the help of a tagline generator.

5. Consider your audience’s emotional state

Make sure your emails are in harmony with your customers’ emotional state.

For instance, some brands sell sensitive products, such as antidepressants, ED medications, and more. If you’re one of them, keep in mind that a customer who’s decided to buy Escitalopram online will only return to finish their purchase if your email copy is empathetic and warm.

Before sitting down to write your email copy, always ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my customer?
  • What are they going through right now?
  • What phase of life are they in? Are they single, married, or divorced? Are they parents or caretakers?
  • What needs and preferences do they have?
  • How can my copy help them feel seen, heard, and valued?

6. Offer massive savings

Get the ball really rolling by offering ridiculous savings off your customers’ entire shopping carts or off one of their favorite items.

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Use motivating language to further nurture them to conversion.

For instance:

“Hey Brittany! We noticed you forgot your tinted moisturizer in your shopping cart! Not to worry, we’ve got a BOGO deal or a 65% discount with your name on it. Click the link below to complete your purchase.”

7. Offer a free product you know they’ll love (they just pay shipping)

If the shopper has bought products from you in the past, take a look at their purchase history and entice them with a free product you know they’ll love (they just pay shipping).

You can also offer an additional discount on the rest of their shopping cart or invite them to join your exclusive VIP members group.

8. Make checkout simpler (just click here to complete your order)

If you’ve got loads of bells and whistles and several pages to click through before a customer can complete their order, you’re in for a slew of lost sales.

To encourage your customer to follow through with their purchase, simplify your purchase process with a simple “just click here to complete your order” button.

Wrap up

If you’re armed and ready before Black Friday comes, you can encourage customers to complete sales and become loyal fans.

By using the hacks we shared today, we’re confident you can turn even the most stubborn shoppers into happy customers.

Author Bio: Mike is a co-founder at Hopper HQ, a leading social media management tool helping thousands of the world’s biggest brands, agencies and influencers easily plan and manage their social media in no time.

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